Steps To Ensure That You Recover From A C-Section Quickly


It usually takes some time for one to fully recover from a c-section. This is because you have just undergone some major abdominal trauma. But with research and improved technology, there are a few ways that one can speed up the recovery process. This will enable you to heal quickly thus letting you feel in control of your life again. This will also ensure that you take care of your newborn baby properly.

The tips listed below will not only enable you to speed up the c-section recovery period but will also greatly contribute to improving your energy levels.

Monitor your wound

Most individuals assume that since the wound is dressed and covered that it is fine. You should note that this is a delicate wound, that is in a position of the body that is impossible for one to stop moving nor bend. In most cases, the smallest of tasks can interfere with it. This is when a postpartum binder comes in handy. Check out the best belly wraps at

Get moving again as quickly as possible

fjhf75You are advised to get out of bed and start moving as quickly as possible. In most of the modern hospitals, they will get you moving in within 12 hours of undergoing a c-section. Although it will hurt in the beginning, experts say that the sooner you start moving, and the more you practice in movement, the quicker your recovery process will be. This is because walking plays a major role in the healing process.

When undertaking your first walk, take it slowly while allowing somebody to assist you. It is also advisable to take some painkillers before the exercise to minimize the pain. Take small steps and ensure that you don’t rush yourself. By doing this, by the time you will be released from the hospital you will be walking fairly well.

Exercise the stomach muscles

There are a number of reasons that you need to start doing this immediately after giving birth. To start with, this is meant to help you realign the stomach muscles. Secondly this aids in the flow of blood to the area and lastly it is meant to help strengthen and support the spine and pelvis. This is very important as it ensures that you don’t experience back pains in the long run.

Take your pain medication

Most individuals don’t like taking medication, but this time it has to be exceptional. You should always remember that this is a precious time for you and your newborn. This is a one time experience thus you need to be pain-free as possible.If you are given medication to take home, follow the prescriptions properly and make sure that you don’t skip any dose. At times you may feel that you are okay, and you don’t need them, but you are advised to be persistent.

Avoid movements that can slow your healing

jhfjhf75You are advised to avoid movements like stretching, strenuous bending and even pulling. If you engage in such activities, you risk breaking open your stitches and exposing the wound to infections. Such activities can also contribute to potential internal tearing which you are supposed to avoid at all cost.