Treatment OF Diabetes

These are the most potent and latest natural remedies for diabetes. All these methods are aimed at regulating the levels of blood sugar in the body thereby relieving all the symptoms of diabetes without causing any negative side effects which are common with the pharmaceutical medications.

Statistics have shown that 10% of the American population are living with diabetics. This includes both the adults and children. The rate has doubled over the last ten years. If this condition is not controlled, it could lead to other awful health problems like kidney failure, infections, nerve damage, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, blood vessel damage, loss of limbs and stroke. It might also lead to death and coma in severe cases. This shows how serious diabetes is and people should therefore never take it lightly.

What causes diabetes?kigufgvgjjjifytdyvkgibog

Te carbohydrates we consume are converted into glucose. The body cells utilize this glucose perform the various body functions. Glucose is absorbed into the bloodstream, and it is then circulated the body. Te level of glucose is regulated by a hormone known as insulin secreted by the pancreas. It is this hormone which instructs the cells to absorb the glucose to generate the energy or heat in the body.

The excess glucose is then stored in the form of glycogen. However, this process is not effective in individuals who have diabetes since their pancreas produces no insulin or very little insulin. Their body cells can also reject insulin meaning their body cells are starved of glucose.

Some of the mild symptoms associated with diabetes include weakness, frequent urination, and weakness. The harsher symptoms include sweating, labored breathing, headache, dizziness, trembling. Loss of consciousness might also occur.

Medical treatments for diabetics

Various pharmaceutical companies have developed various drugs for dealing with diabetes. Most of these pharmaceuticals are used for treating the symptoms. It is very difficult to treat the underlying cause of this disease which is a defective pancreas.

Some of these medications ohioghpoighpsshpho[have certain side effects to the users such as increasing the risk of hypertension and heart attack. Synthetic insulin is administered to those patients suffering from type I diabetes while diabetic drugs are used for treating the symptoms of type II diabetes. The two types of medications are used for fighting the diabetes symptoms.

Potent home remedies and treatments for treating diabetes

There are various diabetes treatments and remedies which are used to reverse both types of diabetes. These remedies include the use of coconut and cinnamon, olive oil, chromium and vanadium, apple cedar vinegar and black seeds.